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A place to embrace habits of lean, healthy, energetic people!

This GMO-FREE METABOLIC MAKEOVER CHECKLIST is not about perfection is about ~> PROGRESS.

The more habits you practice, the leaner, healthier and more energetic you become! 

I created the "11 Habits of LEAN, HEALTHY, ENERGETIC People"  [METABOLIC MAKEOVER] Checklist in 1997 at a time when DIETING was all the rage.  I designed this checklist to overcome my own eating disorder. So, let me tell you, this METABOLIC MAKEOVER CHECKLIST WORKS. It worked for me, and that is why I know it can for you, too.  If you integrate 75% of this checklist you are doing WELL! Nobody is perfect. Even one or two of these healthy habits would do. The more, the better... but, go at your own pace... never beat yourself up for veering off. You WILL feel better as you begin to embrace these habits!

1.   Stay Hydrated.

2.   Eat Powerful Plant Protein.

3.   Add Premium Oil To Your Tank!

4.   Select Low-Glycemic Nutrient-Dense Fare

5.   Include Colorful Fruits And Vegetables With Meals Or Snacks.

6.   Choose Fiber-Rich Whole Grains.
7.   Savor Flavors ---> Chew Slowly And Thoroughly.
8.   Shrink Stomach Muscles - To Shrink Your Appetite!
9.   Get Your Rear In Gear! Move Your Body Joyfully ...Every Day.
10. Breathe Deeply To Center Yourself, Relieve Anxiety And Stress.
11. Schedule Joy Into Your Life ...Every Day.​


metabolic makeover © Copyright [1997-2015] Helene Berk, MEd, RDN